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New Motor Installation services

Garage door motor installations can be a challenging task even for the handy homeowner. However, for professionals at garage door repair in Kensington, this is part of their daily routine. We also offer the best garage door motors in the market at pocket friendly prices. Faulty garage door motors is one of the common problems garage owners have to deal with. In most cases, getting and installing a new garage door motor will be necessary.

We offer unmatched new motor installationservices in terms of price and quality. Our services are geared towards ensuring that you get a clean job done within the shortest time possible. Our service is available 24 hours each day. You can contact us at any time. We always have an emergency response team waiting to help you out when you have problems with your garage door. If need be, we also do new door installation.

One of the reasons why members of the Kensington community choose us for all their garage door needs is that we offer the best prices in the market. Besides offering affordable garage door motors, our installation rates are also pocket friendly. We pride ourselves with providing everything you need ranging from garage doors and their accessories to their installations all under one roof. Our motor installation services package includes the following:

  • Top quality, durable garage door motors
  • Installation services
  • Timely delivery of service
  • 24 hour availability