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Broken Spring Repair

If your home has a garage you’ve probably encountered garage door broken springs. These are one of the most common garage door problems that need immediate attention. Garage door movements are controlled by two sets of springs, the extension and the torsion springs. A small problem on garage door springs can make it difficult to close or open the door. Trying to force the door can cause the springs to break. Rather than cause further damage to the springs, call us and we’ll make the necessary repairs or replacements needed to ensure that your garage door is fully functional.

Two reasons why garage door springs break are, they might be installed improperly or they wear down. To prevent the springs from breaking unnecessarily, always have your garage door installations done by professionals.

Kensington garage door repair in New York is the best company to contact to handle your broken garage door springs repairs and replacement. The company employs a team of garage door specialists who use the latest equipment to ensure that the job is completed fast and safe. We are also the company to contact if you need replacement parts and accessories at highly competitive rates. Our service also includes free advice on how to keep your garage door in top condition. Some of our broken garage door spring services are:

  • The best quality springs
  • Fast and efficient garage door spring installations
  • Free advice on care and maintenance
  • Competitive rates/Discounts

You just need to contact us and our team of experts will be right there for your help.