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Garage doors provide access to the garage from outside. They should be easy to access for the homeowner as well as provide a barrier preventing entry for burglars. Besides functionality, garage doors can also be used to add an aesthetic feel to the house. The materials commonly used to make garage doors include metal, fiberglass, vinyl and wood. The choice of material to use largely depends on the homeowners’ preferences.

Regular maintenance is needed to keep garage doors fully functional. They act as the main line of defense from burglars after one of your most prized possessions, your car. If you believe that your car is your most prized possession, burglars share the same belief. They will jump at the first opportunity to take it away from you. Your garage door should therefore be able to withstand any attempts by burglars to access your car when you’re not around or within your house. Besides burglars, the garage door should also provide protection against the elements of nature.

Garage Door Repair Kensington offer different types of garage doors that provide a formidable protective barrier within your garage. If you’re looking for a garage door for your house, we’re the company to work with. Our company has been providing garage door services for home owners within Kensington and its surroundings for years. We have grown to become the leading company to approach when you need garage door related services.

At Kensington garage door repair, our mission is to provide professional services to all our clients. We always ensure that our garage door services meet and exceed the client’s expectations and delivered on time. Our team consists of highly trained professionals who know everything relating to garage doors. The team is always ready to solve any garage door issues no matter how risky. We understand that having a properly functioning garage door is one of the steps involved in ensuring that property is secured. That’s why we always respond and complete our job within the least time possible and allow you to continue with your daily schedule. You never know when your garage door will need some repairs, replacement or maintenance. That’s why we have an emergency team on standby round the clock to help you when the need arises.

Some of the qualities that make us stand out include the following:

  • Unmatched services provided with utmost professionalism
  • Always get the job done on time
  • Highly competitive rates
  • We are fully licensed and insured

Broken springs are one of the common problems that need fixing. Broken springs make it impossible to open or close the garage door. Trying to fix or replace a broken garage door spring by yourself is not only difficult but also dangerous. The spring is under high tension and can cause injury if mishandled. In addition, you might not get the desired results if you fix a broken garage spring by yourself. This would result in reduced security within your garage. Rather than attempt to fix your garage door’s springs, contact us right away. Our team is willing to take the risks involved when working with garage door springs as well as guarantees a clean and secure job.

Quick Kensington Garage Door Repair Services

If you are looking for new door installation services, you’ve found the right company. Our service is unmatched and we intend to keep it that way. Don’t just take our word for it, try our service today and get the installation services you deserve. Whether you want to replace an old garage door or want a new one that offers more security and complements the look of your house, you’ll find the garage door you need with us. Our team will work with you right from the selection process to the installation. You might buy a garage door, intending to install it on your own. However, unless you have the skills, tools and manpower, it’s advisable to let us handle the job for you. We have all it takes to install a new garage door within no time. Just contact Garage Door Repair Kensington and tell us what you need. You will have a new garage door installed within the shortest time possible.

Another common garage door problem is a failed motor. With us, new motor installation is as easy as it gets. Our stock includes a wide range of the latest garage door motors. When you buy from us, our service extends beyond receiving your money. Our team comprises expert garage door specialists who will guide you through the different motors that are suitable for your garage door. We also offer the most competitive rates in the market ensuring you get a quality motor at the lowest price possible.

With a fully functional garage door installed, regular maintenance will be needed to ensure it’s durable and works for years. Kensington Garage Door Repair offer free advice on how you can keep your garage door in top condition. We also help out when you have problems relating to your garage door functions.